About Us

General Capital Limited is a financial services group listed on the NZX Main Board (NZSX).

General Capital trades under the code GEN:NZ. Shares can be traded through any NZX participant and many Investment Advisers both in New Zealand and also International Stock Brokers and advisors with New Zealand associates.


General Capital has 2 wholly owned subsidiaries:


  • General Finance Limited.

General Finance is a Non Bank Deposit Taker. It accepts deposits from the public and it lend funds to borrowers secured over residential property.

General Finance has a separate Board of Directors with only the Managing Director, Brent King serving on both General Finance Ltd.’s and General Capital Ltd.’s Boards.

Further information can be found at:



  • Investment Research Group Limited. (IRG)


IRG is a research house and a firm of Investment Bankers.

IRG offers research on individual companies has published 46 editions of the very popular IRG Yearbook.

46th Edition IRG Investment Yearbook 2020-2021


IRG is an NZX Sponsor. Management of IRG have listed companies and or been a Director of companies on all Equity Boards of NZX. This includes: NZSX, NZAX, NCM, NXT.